Child Abuse

The New York State Child Protective Services receives reports of child abuse 24/7.  The Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Maltreatment form must be completed by an EMT as a mandated reporter within 48 hours of the required timely oral report on the child abuse hotline:

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has many forms:

Report elder abuse by calling:

NYS Hospitals ED Status

New York Emergency Department Status for all New York State hospitals.  Click twice on "ED Status" to put "On-divert" on top.


New York State Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is the State agency regulating EMS activity. At this site is information about education, certification, operations, protocols, policies, laws, regulations, and more.

EMS Protocols

The New York State adult and pediatric protocols for all providers.

Report prehospital dislocated patella reduction.


Susquehanna Regional Emergency Medical Services Council (SREMS), Inc. serves Broome, Chanango, and Tioga Counties. The Council's website is maintained by the SREMS Program Agency. The SREMS website contain many items of EMS interest. Of note are the SREMS REMAC regional protocols, educational events, and contact information for the Region's EMS agencies.

Electronic PCR (ePCR)

ImageTrend's Elite is the SREMS preferred electronic Prehospital Care Report (PCR) software. This link is to the on-line website data-entry program. Elite Field is the off-line data-entry version which must be installed by an agency administrator.

NYS Active Volunteers' Tax Credit

Volunteer firefighters' and ambulance workers' credit is $200 ($400 for married filing joint taxpayers where both spouses are eligible). If the credit exceeds your tax for the year, any excess will be refunded without interest.

Emergency Services Insurance Program (ESIP) Training

ESIP e-learning is sponsored by the EMS Department's insurance carrier, McNeil & Company, Inc.  OES member should use Access Code: 6100101 for proper credit.  If you have logged in before and can't remember your password, please use the password reset feature on the website.

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