NYS DoH BEMS Policy Statements and
NYS Directives Regarding COVID-19

20-02 COIVD-19 EMS Practitioner Guidance V3.0
20-03 COVID-19 County Emergency Manager, County EMS Coordinator, and PSAP Guidance V1.0
02-05 COVID-19 Response to Respiratory Emergencies
EMS Viral Pandemic Triage Protocol (Approved 03-22-20)
EMS Handout for Patients Not Transported (Approved 03-22-20)
*RECINDED* COVID-19 CPR Standard of Care Letter
Memorandum recinding COVID-19 CPR Flowchart
NYS Govenor's Executive Order 202.10
All NYS Govenor's Executive Orders

Updated: 24 April 2020

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